Herbs paradise on Earth

by Nikos Volitakis

1,742 recorded plant species, of which 159 endemic to the island give the impression that Crete is the herbs paradise on earth and not unjustly!

Ranging from protection against colds, stomach aches and respiratory ailments, to stimulating blood circulation to the brain and improvements in concentration and memory, herbs are well known since the time of the father of medicine, Hippocrates 4th century B.C, for their medicinal properties.

Ridges of the Cretan mountains have become the ideal landscape for the photos of thousands of visitors every year, due to the vast variety of unique colorful herbs and plants that overwhelm them.

A visit to mountainous Crete will fill your album with images and memories from the terrestrial richness of botany, in your effort to list the different and varied herbs that surround you. Erontas, Marjoram, Dittany, Maletira, Savory, Tilly, Laurel, Basilicum, Oat, Rosemary, Thyme are only some of them.

In particular, famous for their color and distinct aromas, Mint and Sage are abundantly used in confectionery, as well as cooking in the Mediterranean diet plans all over the world.