How about changing your life forever, starting this summer? 3 TIPS for 2020

by Nikos Volitakis

With the rise in temperature during summer months, people feel the need to go out more often, socialize, enjoy the summer breeze and sound of the waves, while at the same time to be able to make a positive impression, and maintain an aura of optimism around them.

Summer is the ideal time of the year to adopt the so-called "Mediterranean diet" and change your life forever.

The “Mediterranean diet”, named after the way of life of the folks living in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, is characterized by abundant consumption of fruits and vegetables, daily consumption of unprocessed starchy foods and olive oil - preferably raw - as well as regular consumption of fish and legumes.

All of the above, contribute to a healthy living with more obvious benefits in the summer months.

Here are 3 TIPS to improve your life and harvest the benefits of the “Mediterranean diet”, this summer

Hydrate your body well and often

Adequate hydration of our body is a primary concern during summer months, due to extremely high temperatures and heavy sweating.

In addition to the fluids that contribute significantly to hydration of the body, fruits, vegetables and consequently oily foods offer equally significant amounts of water, as their content reaches up to 90%.

Consume high-fiber foods

Oily, legumes, fruits and vegetables are rich in water and fiber and low in calories.

If we are careful about the amount of olive oil added to the preparation of oils, legumes and salad, then the total caloric content of the diet is kept very low.

The increased amount of fiber they contain leads to the filling of the stomach and therefore to the feeling of satiety.

This may be an incentive for those who are interested in maintaining a normal body weight.

Don't forget to exercise

In addition to adopting a Mediterranean diet model, summer is a good opportunity for more physical activity, such as swimming, walking and water sports.

Never let go of yourself, take a walk in the park, observe nature, reconnect with your friends, have a nutritious picnic with your family under the sun!


Daily diet template example:
1 cup of yogurt 2% + 2 tbsp. Cretan Honey
A fruit or a natural juice
Legumes with 1 wholemeal nut and a salad with extra virgin olive oil
One fruit and 5-10 unsalted nuts
Dakos salad with wholemeal nut, cream cheese, tomato, olives, capers and extra virgin olive oil