Wine - Cultural part of the island

by Nikos Volitakis

Nowadays agricultural landscapes have become a favorite travel destination for many nature lovers and Crete is often ranked at the top of the list of travelers ready to embark on their next adventure.

Favorable soil features and climate conditions contribute to the growth of outstanding grape varieties, with wine taking a special place in the culture of the Cretan people over the years.

Viticulture has existed in Greece since the late Neolithic period, with domestic cultivation becoming widespread by the early Bronze Age. Through trade with ancient Egypt, the Minoan civilization in Crete was introduced to Egyptian wine-making methods and along with olives and grain, grapes were an important agricultural crop, vital to sustenance and community development.

Wine became a part of everyday life, served alongside every meal, while exclusive wine festivals and viniculture events are organized every year, to celebrate the end of the harvest in late October.

«Ο Οκτώβρης θέλει γέλια, γιατί ανοίγουν τα βαρέλια» (In October we all laugh, because barrels open up), as locals use to say.