grelia Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O. Sitia Lasithiou Kritis 1.5lt


Premium Extra virgin olive oil P.D.O. Sitia Lasithiou Kritis 1.5lt in tin can

The leading quality of the olive oil produced from the olive groves of the land of Sitia, owes its excellence to the area’s distinctive ground formation, soil composition, and warm, dry climate. The greater area of Sitia is blanketed with thriving olive groves planted with the Koroneiki olive variety,renowned for the award-winning, exceptional virgin olive oil that veriety yields and characterized by fruitiness and perfectly balanced organoleptic traits.
The quality of the grelia Sitia olive oil is no accident: the love Sitia producers lavish on their olive trees, their expertise in harvesting and olive oil making all contribute to this olive oil’s excellence. In recognition of this product’s singularity and as early as 1993, the European Union awarded it a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) designation. This premium selection product is characterized by very low acidity.

A product of cold extraction, certified by agrocert.

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Weight1.571 kg
Dimensions12.5 × 6.5 × 22.5 cm


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